6th and Tenth

6th and Tenth is so named for the intersection that it will sit on. Rising 31 floors, this point tower has spectacular views from all around, mountains, sunsets, skylines. Black brick, odd-sized balconies, and windows create a playful tower. At the base is a small podium, reminiscent of great public buildings of the 60’s. Surrounding the podium is a water art park, complete with green space water features, stone blocks, and an art sculpture garden. Step inside to a 5-star restaurant.

The Orchard

Live on an orchard, in the middle of a city, where a river runs through.

This development is flanked by two 31-storey modern point towers that are heavily influenced by the great Mies van der Rohe. “Its better to be good than to be original.” The buildings are anchored by almost one acre of functioning apple orchard. An amenity such as this has never been proposed anywhere. The development world will be talking about The Orchard for years to come.

Jasper House

The most important aspect of high-rise housing is how the building meets the street. People will always notice the first few floors of a tall building because it is these floors that they interact with on a human scale. This is why a building’s entrance and retail relationship is so important. At Jasper House, we have created a spectacular podium that provides a building entrance that makes a bold statement with retail areas that beautify the street.

East Fifty Five

East Fifty Five represents the best of Toronto’s dynamic resurgence as a world city. Located in the heart of Toronto’s Lower East Side, East Fifty Five adheres to Lamb Development Corporation’s strict policy of beauty and excellence in architecture and design. East Fifty Five stands for simple clean lines and the “less is more” type of ideology with modern architecture. Just two materials are being used to clad East Fifty Five, white precast and black obsidian brick. Simple, strong, clean and beautiful.

Wellington House

Located on Wellington Street West. A grand dame of a street. Wellington House will integrate a 100+ year old Victorian mansion with an exceptional new modern tower.


Tall, Dark and Handsome.

Rising just west of Spadina Ave. on Richmond St. West. This tall thin tower of 18 storeys represents the best of modern architecture and design. Set to rise in a central location that’s hard to beat. It will be nestled in the King West district surrounded by restaurants, bars, shopping and great amenities. Also a short walk to the business district and UofT. Only 135 homes will be housed in this one of a kind development icon.

Brant Park

The Brant Park has been designed in favour of the 50’s International style. Its crisp, clean lines betray an essence of orderly, a place where beautiful monotony can exist. Rising 11 storeys over St. Andrew’s Park, the building houses 240 residences and 15,000SF of ground floor retail.