In Centretown, in Canada’s capital city, Gotham houses 240 suites over 17 floors. Once again, an advanced modern identity is represented in the glass and black brick tower. Gotham is a modern, statuesque residence rising 17 – stories high into Ottawa’s skyline and lives up to its iconic name by combining large sheets of glass, solid steel and bold charcoal brick. Lamb Development Corp’s goal with Gotham is to bring high style and cool design to a city just discovering itself architecturally. The building is one of the most breathtaking modern residences in Ontario.


The idea behind SoBa is ‘South on Bank’ – or, SoBa. Not just a condo development, rather a movement to redeem a barren part of Ottawa’s Centretown. Wedged between the QE highway, the Glebe to the south, and Ottawa’s Centre Town and downtown north, SoBa is an area ripe for reinvention. SoBa the project is all that. It will single-handedly redeem the area. Rising 23 floors, the three oscillating residential zones play with the eye and offer something of beauty to an area long denied of such a thing. SoBa houses 240 suites.